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Why Would I Do a World Cruise?

Wanderlust or Vonderloost?

Recently Pat and I attended a Cleveland Orchestra concert which included a 21st Century composition entitled Wanderlust. I assumed this piece was a clanging contemporary piece written by some existentialist from Europe and was pronounced "Vonderloost". I was wrong. Wanderlust was written by a guy younger than my own kids who was born in the US. He wrote the piece during his tenure as the Young Composer Fellow at the Cleveland Orchestra. The program notes for Wanderlust pretty much explain why I want to travel around the world.

"In recent years, I've been a well-traveled vagabond, and relished every minute of it. Time well spent -- in places like Berlin, a picture perfect fishing village on the French Mediterranean cost, London and the Eastern Shores of Britain, Los Angeles, and a small town in upstate New York overlooking a waterfall -- has drawn forth the kinds of realizations that extended travel often does, namely: a.) people and places are all different, and b.) people and places are all the same. I am also distantly aware of what this phase in life in which I find myself bears: a palpable sense of rootless-ness which contradicts and battles the opposite inclination: a desire to sink roots."

I can further expand on this thought as a guy in his 60's as opposed to the composer who is a guy in his 30's. I spent 30 years tethered to a family, a career, and a home. I am proud of my successes on all of those fronts. Floating somehow above all of those stable things in my life was a love for water and sailing.

So here I am, ready to start this adventure. My goal is to post an entry each time we are in port. So stay tuned and travel along with us.

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